"The ‘Sewol’ ship, which had been carrying 459 people on board, with 358 of them being Ansan’s Danwon High School students on a camping trip to Jeju Island, hit a coral reef in the middle of the ocean, causing the ship to completely capsize within just 2 hours.
Currently, the death toll is at 5, in which 3 have been confirmed to be students on the camping trip. Approximately 280 people are still missing and only around 175 people have been saved…”
via blog.koreaboo.com

Hardly I heard this message, now my good mood is away..
I haven’t found words for that, because I’m praying for those who’s in danger.. All people who must live with all these pains and this fear and all this shouldn’t be wishing a country.
Kids, students, family, friends…
I hope for the people who died R.I.P and for the rest of the people who’s still alive that they get better..
Btw.. I love korea, for that they are living with the word “Respect”, for all things.
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The white strawberry mountain is an calories bomb, I mean… Loot at that!! 
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(An special day more omg, slowly but later I’m empty. |D)
But it isn’t only a special day, but also a day of your birth and therefore you deserve a special.
But before I’ll celebrate you, I have to tell you something.
Thank you. Thank you for everything and why?
Because you and your twin was born (Btw, thank you parants Bang), because you’re still a hero, who has so many amazing sides, of course you can be a strong and brave warrior with much powerful, creative and charismatic energy but sometimes you can be a adorable and sweet kind of person, I mean hello? With 25 years so many guys love car’s, guns and womans who’s twerking and you’re still your little hero named tigger from winnie pooh, so sometimes I wish a buddy/best friend like you, then my live would be so perfect I swear..
Not only that you’re an talented and strong leader who’s leading his pack, but also because with your creative and emotional kind you’re telling your bangster/babyz your own “Me” with your lyrics’, your lyrics’ that become songs you describe your experiences, about life, your life with your family, friends, with B.A.P, your feels.. I’d say: Just everything and thats something of your things I appreciate of you. All that show me, that I never should give up, that I keep fighting for my wishes, for my dreams, for this what I really love so much.
I know you have powerful role models, thats also the reason why you’re a powerful person and thank your tattoo on your skin: “Do what u like and luv what u do.” what describe all your being, you does belong to my powerful role models too.
And all for that I wanna say.. Thank you. 
Thank you for everything Bang Yongguk and thank you that it gives you and your twin Yongnam.
I wish you and your brother happy birthday. Stay healthy and happy, keep smiling, keep fighting what you do, keep fighting what you love.
Be enjoying your day with your family, friends and of course with your B.A.P brother. And please.. Stay the Bang Yongguk who you’re and still be loving tigger, ok? ♡
생일축하해요 방용국, 사랑해요 리더님 오빠. ♡♡♡
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(I wasn’t so duly I’m sorry minoony. ;;)
I haven’t so many words for you, but what I can say is, I still remember as I know you thank zico, oh yes I’m so proud to know you earlier before WIN, hihi. :3
Nya whatever… 😅 (Sorry I’m not so good in words, too much today lol).
Anyhow you should know how much I love you for your being, for your talent and I’m glad you’re in YG and you’re with WINNER (I’m still waiting for their debut YG, gosh…). I must be saying you’re one of few rookie artists with so many powerful, talented and creative energy with a handsome, cute and cool kind and with all things what you do, what you love. All that I saw as you was working with your best homie zico and also before you was coming to YG and to the episodes from WIN and thats the reason why I appreciate, respect and love you so much.
I wish you happy birthday and you stay healthy and happy, that you enjoy your day with your favorite peoples and that you keep smiling and stay the Song Minho who you’re. 
생일 축하해 송민호, 사랑해 동생. ♡♡♡
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Dear Lee Gikwang. ♡
When I’d know where I should be begining, then I’d do that…
However.. I can’t. Don’t ask me why.
I’m also not so good with words, but I wanna say how happy I am that you does exist: Our AJ with his cute and adorable being, with his amazing voice and as dance machine (Hello no one can destroy your american dance)!
Not only I love you for your talented, beautiful and cute kind, but also because you’re a aegyo pabo who’s so funny and vain with his body and soul, what I very appreciate, but srsly? You don’t need that, you’re healthy and beautiful enough and all Ace’s, B2UTYS and your B2ST-brothers love the Kikwang who you are. 
And for that and all this of you I love you, since I know you thank BEAST.
Even if my words are so fucking fail, but I wanna forget you, why should I also? You don’t deserve it.
I’m proud being your ACE/B2UTY, because I really love you. ♡
And what I forgot to say: I’m really grateful for you and you’re with BEAST, and you’re making me happy, strong and brave, for that freakin thank you and thank you for everything. ♡
And.. I still can’t believe it you’re already 25th, how also? You’re too young, everyone could think, you were 18th or so. XD (What talk I? Do you see? I told my words are so fail today. 😅). Nya whatever, fact’s you should be knowing thats a special day, because it’s your birthday today and so many people celebrate your 25th birthday. Happy birthday my little AJ, hope you stay always healthy and happy, hope you’re forget all evil things and you’ll be enjoying your birthday with all your people who you love, that you stay the Lee Kikwang who you are and your big love is finally coming to you (You’re his big love @gikwangsbeauty, hihihihi. :333 ♥️).
생일축하해요 이기광 오빠, 사랑해요. ♡♡♡
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I’m not a pretty bitch, but I love you ok chaelin gizibe? ♡
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<Mian for late congratulation unni. :/>
2NE1s biggest unni with a beautiful voice, natually, perfect beauty (also without make up) and such a cutie kind of person that’s just so adorable and lovely. 
Dear bommie, did I mention that I appreciate all this? But only because I’m glad that you does exist and I’m grateful for your parents for your being and grateful for YG, that they’re reason why you’re the big sister of 2NE1. Not only you’re a talented, beautiful, cute and adorable, but also that you love it to eat, what I also appreciate and respect, I mean.. Eat is great, who don’t like it to eat? And that you love it making so many people smile. Can you stay this person who you are? Please, I love it so much… I love you so much sweet pea, and therefore I’m freakin H.A.P.P.Y, you’re the unni of 2NE1, thank you for that. ♡
Happy birthday sweatie, stay healthy and happy and be enjoying your birthday with the people who you love, you just deserve it goddess. 
생일축해요 박봄, 사랑해요 언니. ♡♡♡
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I know what such pabos they are, but they are the pabos who I love so much, ok? ♡
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My reaction to Dirty Vibe. That’s so dopeshit and f***in porn I swear!! whdjedjwjduwby just no word, I can say for everyone who wasn’t listining to this… DO IT GUYS (http://hypetrak.com/2014/03/skrillex-featuring-g-dragon-cl-dirty-vibe/)!!! So thanks @skrillex, @diplo, @xxxibgdrgn & @chaelin_cl for this masterpiece. ♡♡♡
And Dirty Vibe is so amazing, that I was even listining Skrillex’ “Recess” album in short version on iTunes… Joah, I’m really thinking about an purchase of this album. Thank you Dirty Song! *^* ♡
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Kisses.  ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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